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Nesting Mixing Bowls Set

Nesting Mixing Bowls Set

SKU: 364215376135199

Mixing Bowls are super versatile. Use them to whip up a batch of cookie dough or scrambled eggs, or use them for serving. Available as a set.

  • Care

    These handmade mixing bowls are safe for liquids and yourfavorite batters and dressings. Handwashing is best.

    Microwave use is okay as long as the power is on medium and for up to 1 minute. Take special care when removing the bowl from the microwave. 

  • Size

    Large bowl with handle- 9" wide by 4.5" high

    Medium bowl- 7.25" wide by 4.0" high

    Small bowl- 5.5" wide by 3.5" high

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